Lighten Up! – Absolutely Not! (For fans of Paint it Black, The Steal, Kid Dynamite)

Besides having a name that every hardcore kid should take to heart, Philly’s Lighten Up! is the biggest breathe of fresh melodic hardcore air that I have taken since discovering The Steal.

With their debut LP “Absolutely Not!” the band blazes through 12 melt-facing songs in under 18 minutes. The first song “Invisible Checks” with it’s heavy-soon-turned-melodic-straight-to-some-whoas-then-fuck-it’s-over-already you pretty much know what Lighten Up! is all about: fast, pissed, yet fun music that is sure to induce plenty of stage dives.

I’ve must have listened to “Absolutely Not” at least 4 times in the past 24 hours. Easily one of the best albums released in 09.

Lighten Up! – Invisible Checks
Lighten Up! – Reality World

Shitty Articles? Absolutely Not!
Paint It Black – Amnesia (New EP!)
The Steal – Bright Grey
The Steal – Self Titled

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