Ceremony – Violence Violence (For fan of Paint it Black, Some Girls, Blacklisted)

Keeping up with the housewives recent tradition of tackling all of Ceremony’s albums (because they are freaking sweeeeet), I’ve been listening non-stop to their album “Violence Violence” (which rules, despite having an album name that sounds rather indie).

“Violence Violence” also includes their debut 7-inch “Ruined” at the end, adding 7 tracks to the 13 new ones (and still, the entire album only lasts about 20 minutes). Featuring that brutal, spazztic, grind influenced hardcore that Ceremony is known for, their earlier work here has a bit more melody and shows their punk roots a lot more than their newer “Still Nothing Moves You”.

As with all of Ceremony’s albums, it needs to be listened to as a whole (which isn’t hard to do at 20 tracks in 2o minutes), and if you love hardcore, you’ll be spinning this fury over and over.

Ceremony – My Hands Are Made Of Spite
Ceremony – Nail

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