Teenage Bottlerocket Releases New Song! (For fans of The Ramones, The Copyrights, Screeching Weasel)

“Good god these guys are gonna get carpel tunnel syndrome soon with all the downstrokes” Teenage Bottlerocket have released a new song from their upcoming “They Came From The Shadows” that will be released on Fat Wreck.

The song itself sounds like pretty standard Teenage Bottlerocket, so hopefully this will prove that signing to Fat Wreck won’t change their sound at all. Get hyped!

Teenage Bottlerocket – Skate or Die!

Got An Empty Bottle In My Pocket And Things Are About To Explode:
The Lillingtons – Too Late Show
Teenage Bottlerocket – Another Way
The Copyrights
The High School Dropouts
The Vapids – Most Underrated Ramones-Esque Band Around
Teenage Bottlerocket – Warning Device

Fat Wreck

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