Paint it Black – Surrender (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Bane, Ceremony)

When Paint It Black released their latest 7-inch “Surrender” 2 weeks ago on Fat Wreck, every hardcore kid’s head collectively exploded: “Really? Fat Wreck? Doesn’t that mean you’ll have to start sounding like a stereotypical skate punk band?”

Not exactly… and a huge resounding “hahaha fuck no”. The first song on the 4 song “Surrender” entitled “Sacred” is pretty straight forward classic PIB: fast, heavy, and melodic. But the second track “Worms” is possibly one of the heaviest songs that the band has ever written.

I think I’m probably a bigger fan of their other EP “Amnesia” that they released earlier this year, but “Surrender” is a solid addition to the band’s already flawless catalog.

Paint it Black – Sacred

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Paint It Black

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