Strike Anywhere – Iron Front EP (For fans of Rise Against, Propagandhi)

In about a month, Strike Anywhere’s highly anticipated latest studio album “Iron Front” is due to hit the shelves with a release date of October 6th. I’ve been a Strike Anywhere fan for-freaking-ever now, and after hearing “Dead FM”, I’m really stoked to hear what they’re going to be putting out next. Luckily for us, they released an “Iron Front EP”.

The latest EP features four songs: “Failed State” and “Hand of Glory” come straight off the newest album, while “Orphan Age” and “Twilight’s Last Gleaming” are two b-sides that didn’t make the cut to the full length. Let me say: all the songs completely own.

Failed State and Orphan Age is a bit reminiscent of Exit English and Change is Sound, while Hand of Glory and Twilight’s Last Gleaming sounds like it came off of Dead FM. If these four songs are any indication of what the “Iron Front” full length is going to sound like, I’m fucking stoked.

Strike Anywhere – Failed State

Housewives Front:
After the Fall (For fans of Strike Anywhere and Propagandhi)
Rise Against – Revolutions Per Minute

Bridge 9

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