This One’s For The Workers… And You Too Unemployed (A Mix!)

If you’re employed, you likely had Monday off (and if you are unemployed… enjoy the copious amounts of free time while you can… lucky bastard). If you didn’t have Monday off, it’s definitely time to quit your job.

Hope your labor day was full of non-labor-esque things.
Atom and His Package – Mission #1: Avoid Job Working With Assholes
Bomb The Music Industry – Jobs Schmobs
Chixdiggit – Quit Your Job
NOFX – It’s My Job To Keep Punk Rock Elite
The Slackers – Work Song
The Virus – Working For The Company

Mixes? Hell Yeah!
Darwin 200th Birthday Mix
Dumbass Yuppies Thinking I’m Trying To Break Into Their Car (A Mix)
Songs To Piss Off The Personal Trainer Below Me Mix


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