I Swear I’m Not Dead (A Mix)

So, it turns out that I got sick a-fucking-gain, hence the lack of posts here at the Housewives. To top it off, I’m going to be leaving for a wedding for a few days…. so you won’t hear anything from me on Thurs, Fri, and Mon.

There is a lot of solid shit that needs to be posted soon though: Sakes Alive newest jams, Philly’s local Minor Disturbance to name another. I swear next week, I’ll have most of this stuff up.

Hope you guys have been able to avoid getting sick this season, and keep your immune systems healthier than mine.

None More Black – Genuine Malaise and Misery
Blanks 77 – Sick
Freygolo – Sick and Down
NOFX – Just The Flu
The Vapids – The Kids Are Sick
Leftover Crack – With the Sickness
Bankrupt – Baby’s Got The Bird Flu

More Music To Hold You Over:
Shredding The Slopes (And My Body) Mix
Songs to Piss Off The Personal Fitness Trainer Below Me Mix
Drunken Yuppies Breaking Into My House Mix


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