I’m Not Old Yet (Homecoming 09 Mix)

Fredericksburg, VA… I fucking miss you. I headed down to the ole’ college hometown to celebrate the 3rd homecoming since I’ve graduated (class 07′ mofo), and since we don’t have a football team, it’s pretty much a good excuse to go and party with some friends.

The weather abso-positively sucked. Raining, cold, and all around miserable, it put a damper on things a bit. Add that to the fact a lot of my friends were sick and had to leave early… it was a bit underwhelming this year. However, it was still a good time, especially Friday night. Over the course of the weekend, I saw local reggae band The Transmitters twice, and also saw Talib Kwali (who I got a shoutout from, for being the only one who knew the words to KRS ONE songs, because I’m ooooold school muthafucka).

Good times, little weird this year, next year no one’s allowed to get sick. It’s always really depressing when I have to leave.

Groovie Ghoulies – Til Death Do Us Party
Atom and His Package – Before My Friends Do
Municipal Waste – The Art Of Partying
Bigwig – Friends
Bouncing Souls – Manthem
Lagwagon – To All My Friends
Blanks 77 – Sick
Freygolo – Sick and Down
NOFX – Just The Flu
The Vapids – The Kids Are Sick

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