The Low Budgets – Aim Low, Get High (For fans of The Dead Milkmen, Dillinger Four, Armalite)

Philadelphia produces the quirkiest punk rock: we’ve got Atom and His Package, The Dead Milkmen, and The Low Budgets. Self proclaimed value rockers, The Low Budgets features Joe and current bassist Dan from the Dead Milkmen.

Their off-beat humor begins immediately on their 2005 release “Aim Low, Get High” with their government brainwashed the masses with techno intro, and continues through out the entirety of the album. Musically, the band plays light hearted, synth driven punk rock, not too unlike The Dead Milkmen.

A regular in my rotation, unfortunately, the band has been on hiatus since vocalist Chris moved to Berlin.

The Low Budgets – Stupid Dead Kitty
The Low Budgets – Lawsuit

Value Rock:
Leave Us A Loan

Atom and his Package vs Fugazi

The Low Budgets

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