Mischief Brew, Sista Sekunden, Lighten Up (Philly 10/23/09 Review)

Friday was a good, good night. After seeing Teenage Bottlerocket the night before, I headed out to the First Unitarian Church mostly to see first band Lighten Up, but also to see Mischief Brew. I met up with some friends of mine there, and before we knew it, Lighten Up took the stage.

Lighten Up:

The second Philly hardcore band Lighten Up took the stage, a handful of us already opened up the majority of the floor and started stage diving with the first opening note. Ripping straight into “Dolphins Are Sharks With A Good Publicist”, the band (and the crowd) didn’t let up for a second that night. 10 minutes later, Lighten Up was thanking everyone for coming out and packing their gear, leaving those who’ve never heard of the band asking: “What the fuck just happened?”, a definite sign you’ve succeeded as a hardcore band.

Invisible Checks
Reality World/Bet
Life On Earth
New Song
Absolutely Not

Meisco was up next, and to be honest, I was pretty bored during their set. Their slightly more punk rock Flogging Molly sound was pretty solid, but I think it may have been the fact I was still running on that hardcore high from Lighten Up’s all too short set. Still, the crowd seemed pretty into them, and were dancing for the majority of their set.

Sista Sekunden

Show stealers! Hailing from Sweden, with members from a group of respectable bands, including the Satanic Surfers, Sista Sekunden played furious old fashioned hardcore. I rarely pit for bands I don’t know, and never for bands that I can’t understand the lyrics (they sang in Swedish), but holy shit, they got the Lighten Up crowd moving again with what was potentially the most insane live performance I’ve seen in quite some time. Completely insane, definitely check them out if they come in your neck of the woods.

Mischief Brew

Ahh, the reason the majority of the people were there. Philly’s own folk punk band played a hell of a set that night, but after Sista Sekunden, I don’t think any band would be able to follow that set up. Unfortunately, I just wasn’t in the mood for the folksy anthems, although I did stay and watch them. There were a decent amount of younger kids in the audience (for some reason, Mischief Brew strikes a chord with the Leftover Crack fans) and I found myself catching kids who had no idea how to crowd surf (I saw at least 3 people dropped on their heads, and I temporarily left the show to go get one girl some advil).

The crowd did go completely apeshit however once the band busted out into an old Orphans song (Erik’s old band before Mischief Brew).

Ain’t It
Roll Me

Lighten Up! – Invisible Checks
Mischief Brew – Thanks Bastards

Lighten Up! – Absolutely Not!
Mischief Brew


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