Sista Sekunden – Skyll Inte På Oss (for fans of Paint it Black, Good Riddance, Kid Dynamite)

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Sista Sekunden is the best thing to come from Sweden since cheap furniture and those fucking delicious fish. Their live show was one of the craziest I’ve seen all year, and I knew I’d have to check out some of their recorded stuff, so I picked up ” Skyll Inte På Oss”, which translates into “I have no fucking clue what this means but it just melted my face off”.

The band sings in Swedish, but that shouldn’t really turn anyone off from listening, and besides, gives you one more reason to get off your lazy ass, buy illegally burn that Rosetta Stone, and learn a new language you god damn slacker.

Musically, they play old school hardcore (think CVA era Paint it Black) with a healthy dose of skate punk in the veins of Good Riddance (actually, one of the members of the Sista Sekunden was in the Satanic Surfers).

Highly recommended for any fan of punk rock, I’ll be singing* to this one for a while.

*Pretending I know Swedish

Sista Sekunden – Skyll Inte På Oss

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