mc chris – Part Six Part Three (for fans of Mc Frontalot, Mc Lars, Totally Michael)

Rapper mc chris is back with his 3rd and final installment of the “mc chris goes to hell” series: “Part Six Part Three”. It seems like on every installment the cartoon rapper takes influences from a different source, and this time around he’s pulling influences from more modern rap and Atari bleeps.

While I usually hate skits on albums, the ones that have been featured in this series have actually been pretty funny, and his off-colored humor rings through on Part Six Part Three as well. From the harder “Hipster Hunter” that attacks the oh-so-trendy living in Brooklyn to the incredibly nerdy Atari love ballad of “Distant Lands”, Part Six Part Three is an enjoyable listen, although I don’t think of quite the same caliber as his previous two EPs.

mc chris – hipster hunter

mc chris FTW:
mc chris – Part Six Part One
mc chris – Part Six Part Two
mc chris is dead

mc chris

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