Bomb The Music Industry (Live In Philly 11/18/09)

On Wed night, I headed down to South Philly’s Ava House to see Bomb The Music Industry on their “Bring Your Own Band” tour. On this tour, Jeff reverted back to BTMI olden days, where he would go on tour with just an MP3 player, and anybody who wanted to play along could bring their instruments. Unfortunately I did not have a kazoo or a triangle to play along.

Curtis Irie

When I walked in, Curtis Irie had already taken the floor, and was playing their slightly psychedelic reggae/dub. The band consisted of only a guitarist and a drummer, but somehow, they made their sound bigger than they actually were. Having a sound and voice that reminded me of Slightly Stoopid or Pepper, they actually played pretty tight, even though the smoke detector was going off for the majority of their set.

Greek Favourites

Punk hardcore in the veins of Outclassed, The Greek Favourites put on a hell of a show. Poppy punk guitar undertones with heavy screaming over it all, The Greek Favourites definitely had a bit of a following, which broke out into a pit throughout their set (hell, I joined). Definitely catch them if they come around your area.


Now I know I’ve said some mean things about Lancaster in the past, but finally, something decent coming out of that god foresaken town. The band 1994 plays (for lack of a better term) post-punk, sounding a bit like bands such as Transit. Having a very midwestern punk influence to them, 1994 played a solid set with a few dedicated followers. They had to keep taking a break after each song, and at one point, I was semi-worried their drummer was actually going to die (I don’t know if he was playing really intensely or just simply out of shape).

Definitely interesting, and not usually my style of music, I actually dug 1994, and plan on checking out some of their recorded work.

Bomb The Music Industry

The reaon I came out in the first place. I wasn’t sure how the show was going to pan out with just Jeff, an ipod, and random people who brought their instruments, as I’ve seen them before with this setup, and while fun, it was a total shitfest. This time however, the one bassist and Jeff played a surprisingly tight set, full with constant pile ons and pits.

Jeff opened the show tuning his guitar to some rap song since he forgot an actual tuner on the tour (“Tuners are for wimps. Actually, Agnostic Front probably uses tuners. If anyone here is in Agnostic Front, I don’t mean you, you could probably kick my ass”). Playing a collection of songs from all of his albums, I seriously thought Jeff was going to knock a tooth out with the way the crowd was rushing him and the mic (I am also guilty of this).

I heard a lot of songs that I don’t usually hear them do live, including “Syke! Like Is Awesome”, and “I’m a Panic Bomb, Baby”. It was a fun show, even with me landing head first during crowd surfing (oh the dangers of shows).

Setlist (not complete or in order):
-493 Ruth
-Blow Your Brains Out On Live TV!!!
-It Shits
-Fresh Attitude, Young Body
-Can I Pay My Rent In Fun
-I’m a Panic Bomb, Baby
-Syke! Life Is Awesome!

Bomb The Music Industry- I’m a Panic Bomb, Baby!

Wed. Night Drinkball:
Bomb the Music Industry – Scrambles
Mustard Plug – In Black and White
Mustard Plug Interview

Quote Unquote Records

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