mc chris live in Philly (11/24/09)

Last night, even though all cards were apparently pointed against me, I headed out to the First Unitarian Church to catch my favorite rapper, mc chris. I was running late, as I had a kickball game (a humiliating defeat by the way) and so I missed all the opening bands, and then when I got to the door, they didn’t have my will call, so I had to go to a Fed Ex and print out my confirmation email (turns out ticketweb mailed it, but I never got it, those bastards).

But alas, I made it in, just as mc chris was about to take the stage. Being the 3rd time seeing mc chris, I was a bit surprised that the venue wasn’t more packed, as his shows usually sell out completely. As usual, mc chris killed it, even though the crowd was incredibly dead (mc chris put it best: “you need to behave at an mc chris show, lot of nerds here, it’s their first time being outside!”) , so I eventually moved off to the side to dance.

Anyone’s who’s ever been to an mc chris show knows that half of it is the music, and the other half is stand up comedy. mc chris kept with this tradition, cracking the crowd up with his observations on “emo bitches who come to shows and don’t sing along”, “obama is a superhero”, and many other rants.

Many of his songs that he played seemed to have been remixed to a different beat, and I was surprised he didn’t play more songs off his Part 6 series. He also must have been in a good mood, as he didn’t go all Ian Mackaye on anyone and kick them out of the show (only sent them to the back of the room).

If the crowds at mc chris shows danced, it could definitely be a high energy show, but it’s hard enough to get them to put their hands in the air. Sadly, this takes away from the experience, and I feel like it’s not the crazy party it should be, as the man deserves it (then again, I think he hates dancing as well).

Setlist: (Not in order, but pretty complete)
-White Kids Love Hip Hop
-Pizza Butt
-hoodie ninja
-The Tussin
-nrrrd grrrl
-mc chris is dead
-Fett’s Vett

MC Chris – The Tussin
mc chris – Neville

mc chris ownz, I wanna go to an mc chris show:
mc chris – Part Six Part Three
mc chris – Part Six Part Two
mc chris – Part Six Part One
mc chris is dead

mc chris

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