Long Island Stylin (A Mix)

Straight Outta Patchogue

Long Island. Where it’s pretty, fun, and the road signs don’t make any damn sense. I headed out to Long Island this weekend to go visit some good friends, and check out the house that they bought (note: it’s pretty sweet).

On my way up, I made sure to listen to plenty of Billy Joel, and I’m sure I annoyed the shit out of my friends by how many times I said “look how pretty that sunset is” while we were chilling by the dock (playing lava tag).

My only complaint? The drivers. Peeps almost crashed into me at least 4 times, and there was traffic for no reason at all. Thank god NJ is my saving grace, Jersey folk know how to do it right. There was a truck completely in flames on the side of the road, and there wasn’t any firemen or anything yet there, but did an inferno cause any traffic? Fuck no, we have places we need to be.

And so, why not a little Long Island/relative to my trip mix?

Barnaby Jones – Handsome B Wonderful
Bomb The Music Industry- I’m a Panic Bomb, Baby!
Arrogant Sons of Bitches – Kill the President
Atom and His Package – I’m Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A Hammer

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