Strike Anywhere – Change Is A Sound (For fans of Rise Against, Kid Dynamite, Paint it Black)

Man, this album takes me back. I remember downloading Strike Anywhere’s “Change is a Sound” off of their website back when they had all the mp3s for free up there sometime in 2001-2002. I pretty much listened to this album all the damn time. One particular time that stuck with me was when I had to drive out to go pick up my senior prom tuxedo (I wanted to go with neon green, the saleswoman there didn’t let me, apparently for the sake of my date. Bullshit.)

Anyways, “Change is a Sound” is definitely the rawest, grittiest material by Strike Anywhere. Often compared to early Strike Anywhere, “Change is a Sound” was released back in 2001, and was the first proper full length from these Richmond, VA melodic hardcore dudes.

While the band has evolved into an even more melodic sound over the years, “Change is a Sound” shows Strike Anywhere’s raw, aggressive passion filled punk rock, and whether you’ve never heard it or just haven’t popped it in for a while, it’s time to connect.

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