Guns Up! – Outlive (For fans of Down to Nothing, Blacklisted, Kids Like Us)

Modern hardcore is a difficult genre to do right. Stick to too many old school influences, and people start assuming you’re some sort of straight edge youth crew revival band (not that this is necessarily a bad thing). Have too many chunky breakdowns and growls, and you’re instantly labeled as some douche bag metal-core band (note: this is just slightly above having your influences list Nickelback.)

On “Outlive”, Haverville Massachusetts Guns Up! blend the two perfectly, creating a more modern hardcore sound with the urgency and pulse of 80s hardcore, something that fans of Kids Like Us or Killing the Dream will eat up (namely: if you’re a fan of bands that start with the letter K).

The music is heavy, and while it’s not exactly groundbreaking, it’s a solid listen, and should be checked out.

Guns Up – Outlive
Guns Up – You Break

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1917 Records

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