Holiday Songs You Won’t Hear On The Radio

Deny it all you want, Christmas is in the air and just around the corner. While everyone else turning on their radios to hear 45749057423 versions of the same damn 5 Christmas songs, you’ll be the hit of your party with these underplayed punk rock tunes.

Atom and His Package – What WE do On Christmas
For all the Jews out there.

MU330 – Xmas Card
Love woes get you down for the holidays? Fear not.

The Vandals – Nothing Going to Ruin my Holiday
Posi Up!

Pipedown – Carol Of The Bells
How can you make this creepy ass holiday song creepier? Get a hardcore band to play it.

Less Than Jake – Grandma Got Runover By A Reindeer
Homicide, never doing the time.

Mighty Mighty Bosstones – This Time Of Year
Ahh, besides the freezing cold, crap ass weather, and

Real Mckenzies – Pagan Holiday
Status of the winter solstice punks? Upped.

Nicotine – Do They Know it’s Christmas?
Punk version of my favorite Christmas song around. The cheeriest depressing Christmas song around.

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