The Slackers Live (Philly 12/21/09)

Last night I had a huge debate with myself to decide if I should go see The Slackers at Philly’s Theater of Living Arts (many feelings were hurt during this debate). On the downside, the show was kind of expensive ($18) since it was at the Live Nation owned TLA and my car was buried under a snowbank. However, on the plus side, it’s the fucking Slackers, and I love that band. So with snow shovel in hand, I headed out to my car and drove off to see NY’s ska legends.

Fuck Live Nation. I get to the venue, and they decided that there would be an extra $5 service fee at the door (I used fucking cash) for reasons I could not understand (probably because they bought out Ticketmaster and took some tips from them) and I definitely felt just sliiightly violated. I was tempted to turn around at this point, but I did just shovel my car out and ride the fucking subway over, so I wasn’t about to leave.

It did put me in a pissed off mood, and made it kind of difficult to enjoy the show (I know, it’s only 5 bucks, but it’s the principal of the matter). When I entered, The Slackers were setting up and the place had a decent number of people, but nowhere near the amount to justify having the show at the TLA (sorry, bitterness again).

The Slackers killed it as usual, and played for about an hour and a half as well. They sounded really tight, and had pretty much the entire place skanking. However, the energy didn’t see as high, probably because of the barricade and non-intimate setting of the place. I feel like The Slackers are a type of band that does much better in smaller venues, and the stage seemed way too big for them. They played a bunch of their hits, and even threw in some holiday songs as well.

They put on a solid performance, and although I danced, I just wasn’t really feeling it last night. Stick with the smaller venues guys.

Some Highlights:
Married Girl
Everyday is Sunday
Let It Snow

The Slackers – Every Day Is Sunday

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