More Punk Rock Christmas Tunes

Well guys, it has been a crazy week, but it’s finally Christmas eve (although technically, I’m not counting it until I get out of work). I know the posts have been kind of slow this week, but once I get back, there will be some sweet new reviews up and also the required top 10 list every blogger must do or is threatened with tar and feathers.

Also, fellow atheists, enough with the whole “politically correct” bullshit, and your self righteous pretension. You’re making the rest of us atheists look bad. And Christians, enough with your whole “War on Christmas” shit. If someone wishes you Happy Holidays, get the fuck over it, I’m sure Jesus wouldn’t give a fuck. No one’s declaring war on you, as much as you want to feel persecuted so you achieve some sort of martyrdom. Fuckin people.

Ok, now that I got all of the bitterness out, be safe and have a good holiday!

The Vandals – Oi to The World
The Chinkees – Christmas
The Vandals – Thanx For Nothing

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