The Reveling – 3D Radio (For fans of The Lawrence Arms, Gaslight Anthem, The Loved Ones)

Fucking Brooklyn. The place itself is alright, and in the past there has been some solid bands from there (Gorilla Biscuits, World Inferno Friendship Society) but I kind of hate the pretentious indie garbage that comes from that hipster breeding cess pool as of late. Luckily, The Reveling saves face for the borough, and their “3D Radio” EP is chock full of melodic punk rock goodness.

The 4 song EP is a pretty solid self release. I’ve heard and read people comparing them to The Loved Ones or The Gaslight Anthem, but I think they have a sound much more similar to Lawrence Arms or A Wilhelm Scream. Vocalist Sean carries songs with his melodic yet slightly grizzled voice, while bassist Dennis drives the music, most notably on “Breadline”. The guitar work pulls influences from melodic punk and while at times can be slightly poppy, never loses it’s edge.

Interesting little tidbit: the drummer’s father is Max Weinberg of E Street Band fame. Let the Bruce Springsteen comparisons come flying now.

The Reveling – Breadline

Revealing Housewives:
D4 – C I V I L W A R
Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship
Fifth Hour Hero
Static Radio NJ – An Evening of Bad Decisions

The Reveling

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