DS 13 – For The Kids, Not The Business (For fans of Minor Threat, Millions of Dead Cops, Black Flag)

Take a healthy dose of early United Stated hardcore/punk bands such as Minor Threat and Millions of Dead Cops, mix it a bit with some Swedish hardcore influences, and you’ve got yourself DS 13. Demon System 13’s lyrics are in English even though the band hails from Umea, Sweden.

DS 13’s 7-inch “For The Kids, Not The Business” is a brutally fast onslaught of 13 songs. The music, although released in 1998 (which has been 11 years now? Jeeeesus!) sounds like it came straight from the 80s, and any fan of old school hardcore punk can appreciate.

DS 13 – Fight Back

DS 13 – Fascist Cop

You’re Not Old School, You’re Just Old
Black Flag – The First Four Years
Minor Threat
The Adolescents

I Believe This is Out Of Print… Try Ebay Homies.

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