Cerebral Ballzy, Team Robespierre live (Philly 1/22/10)

On Friday night (yeah yeah I know it’s been a few days, I’ve been sick aiiight?) I headed out to my favorite Philadelphia house venue The Terrordome to catch Brooklyn skate drunks Cerebral Ballzy.

Tet Offensive:
I headed in really early to catch some of my friends who live at the place, and after talking for a bit, Philly’s Tet Offensive set up and played one brutal set. Unfortunately, the band no longer had a bassist, and while it did detract from the sound a bit, the Tet Offensive still put on a quick, spastic hardcore show.

Cobra Lung:

Up next were Philly’s/NJ tongue-in-cheek straight edge band, Cobra Lung. Shocked I’ve never seen these dudes before hand, Cobra Lung played quick as hell hardcore, and had one of the best crowd reactions of the night. If they come around you’re area, definitely check them out.

Stressed Out:

Next up were NJ, New Brunswick’s Stressed Out. Playing an intense set of crossover thrash in the veins of Municipal Waste, it seemed like the flipped hat thrash duders at the show were really getting into them. Definitely want to check out some of their recorded work.

Team Robespierre:

The majority of the crowd was there for these guys. The dance punk group had one hell of a pit to their Matt and Kim/Totally Michael style songs. I began by sitting on the side since I had a sprained knee, but after getting hit in the face with a bottle, I decided the safest place would probably be in the center of the spazztic dancing pit.

Cerebral Ballzy:

Finally, the reason i came out to the show to begin with. A large percentage of the crowd bounced after Team Robespierre, but a dedicated few stayed for the old school hardcore sounds of Cerebral Ballzy. Playing their style of drunk punk in the veins of Bad Brains and Black Flag, Cerebral Ballzy put on a hell of a show, and if they come around, go see them.

Cerebral Ballzy – Insufficient Fare
Team Robespierre – Ha Ha Ha

Cerebral Ballzy w/Totally Michael


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