AquarianBeauty’s Birthday! (A Mix)

So, longtime readers will remember when this lovely ole blog first started, there were 3 writers… and no direction at all. We didn’t really know where we wanted to take the blog, and it was just more of a fun hobby for us. AquarianBeauty, although she doesn’t write on here anymore, used to be our expert in pointing out interesting websites, stories you may have missed and comics deep within the bowels of the Internet.

Well today is her birthday, and although she doesn’t even really like punk music all that much… I don’t see why we can’t use it as an excuse to hear some of the best birthday songs in punk rock today. Sooo… Happy Birthday!


Groovie Ghoulies – Happy Birthday

The Vandals – Happy Birthday To Me

The Vandals – Bad Birthday Bash

Atom and His Package – Happy Birthday General

Big D And The Kids Table – Running Young

7 Seconds – Young ‘Til I Die

Big D And The Kids Table – Good Luck

Bouncing Souls – Born Free

Low Budgets – Born Before The Internet

Kid Dynamite – Birthday

NOFX – New Happy Birthday Song

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