Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer (For fans of Municipal Waste, LxExAxRxN, Crucial Unit)

Take a good long hard look at the cover of Bones Brigade’s “Endless Bummer”, that pretty much sums up how I feel as of late. Two weeks ago, I thought it was finally starting to get warmer, then Mother Nature goes and takes a huge, cold, white shit on us and something about some groundhog now sees his shadow and there’s supposed to be 6 more weeks of winter (what the fuck? I thought groundhogs were blind).

Sure, I guess I can go snowboarding, but I fucked up my knee and can’t do much of anything lately, and I’m sure as hell damn fucking sick of this cold. Dear diary, I also… oh right, this is a music blog.

For those who don’t know, Boston’s Bones Brigade (say that 3 times fast suckas) played fast, thrashy punk rock that is completely perfect to go shred to, regardless of your method of shredding: aggressive inline, skateboarding, documents. Endless Bummer was their final release before calling it a day, and let me assure you, it completely dominates. Lyrically, the band deals with uhh… skateboarding, and when they’re not yelling about skating directly, their other songs allude to it. Take the song “Rock to Fakie” for example, which lyrically deals with all the bands that are in music for the money.

The music is sincere, heavy and definitely needs to be checked out if you like punk rock and thrash at all.

Bones Brigade – We Will Destroy You

Housewives Brigade:
LxExAxRxNx – Till Death (For fans of Bones Brigade, Paint it Black, The Steal)

Aneurysm Rats
Paint it Black – Surrender
The Steal – Bright Grey
Lighten Up! – Absolutely Not!

Pretty Sure It’s Out of Print. Sorry Homies.

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