Crucial Unit – These Colors Get The Runs (For fans of Municipal Waste, DRI, Bones Brigade)

When I went to see Hub City Stompers about 2 and a half weeks ago, they referenced a Crucial Unit song and the only thing running through my mind was “holy shit, I haven’t listened to those dudes in a while”. On the drive home, I popped in Crucial Unit’s “These Colors Get The Runs”, and had a complete thrash-fest for my entire ride from NJ to Killadelphia.

Crucial Unit plays unconventional, tongue in cheek thrash with the spirit of bands such as DRI and Municipal Waste in mind. The vocals are what sets Crucial Unit apart from your other run of the mill thrash bands. I’ve heard Justin’s vocals described as “gagging poodle” or “Muppet like”, but I’m going to go with gagging Muppet poodle gargling with nothing but nitric acid and shards of glass.

These Colors Get The Runs was Crucial Unit’s last release before being lame and breaking up (although I have to give the dude’s props, what band keeps up their website years after quitting? ……That wasn’t a rhetorical question you ass hats! What band does it? That’s right, Crucial fucking Unit).

Check it out, even if you’re not a fan of the music for the hilarious lyrics and song titles such as “Cleanliness is Next To Godliness, Too Bad We’re All Atheist”. Also, it’s free on their website, so you really have no excuse.

Crucial Unit – Crucial Unit’s Friendship Picnic

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Crucial Unit

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