Subb – Until The Party Ends (For fans of Sublime, Suicide Machines, Saves The Day)

Subb’s “Until The Party Ends” takes me back to my early high school days. I remember popping in the album, taking out my crappy half-assed built skate rail from my garage, and grinding the night away… pissing off my neighbors and my mom with the noise. Ahhh… those were the good ole’ days.

On UTPE, Subb plays a range of styles from a number of influences. Songs like LA Beach Bum sounds like Sublime-esque ska reggae, while tracks like “December’s Coldest Day” have a slower pulling the heartstrings pop-punk feel to them. They are able to mix So-Cal styles of punk rock with ska, and still somehow manage a sound of their own.

Sure, sometimes they could be a bit cheesy (seriously? a tribute song to Brad Nowell?), but I’ll be damned if this isn’t one fun album to listen to in the summer.

Subb – LA Beach Bum

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