Municipal Waste – Waste Em All (For fans of DRI, Crucial Unit, Suicidal Tendencies)

I’ll admit it, I got into Municipal Waste later in the game, only really starting to listen to them in the past 4 years. In that time however, the Waste became one of my favorite bands, both on stage and recorded work.

With 16 songs in around 17 minutes, Municipal Waste’s first studio album “Waste em’ All” is ball upper cutting, eye gouging, wholesome family goodness. For those unfamiliar with Richmond crossover thrashaholics Municipal Waste, “Waste em’ All” is a damn good album to start out with. Playing music in the spirit of crossover pioneers DRI, songs such as “Mutants of War” and “Drunk As Shit” show what this band is all about: partying and destroying everything in the process.

Municipal Waste – Drunk As Shit
Municipal Waste – The Mountain Wizard

Thrash? Don’t Mind If I Do:
Municipal Waste – Massive Aggressive
Municipal Waste – Tango And Thrash EP (Tribute to Kurt Russell)
Municipal Waste – Hazardous Mutations
Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer
LxExAxRxNx – Till Death
Crucial Unit – These Colors Get The Runs

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