Cloak/Dagger – We Are (For fans of Black Flag, Western Addiction, Circle Jerks)

I saw them live, and they were this blurry in real life too.

One visit to Richmond/Washington DC’s Cloak/Dagger myspace page, and I realized that they probably should have been called “We really, really, really like backslashes” (or is that a forward slash? I can never tell the fucking difference.)

Regardless of their love for the slash, Cloak/Dagger’s 2007 “We Are” is a complete no frills, no bullshit hardcore album. Fist raising, garage influenced punk rock, “We Are” opens with the charging “Bended Knee” and doesn’t let up for the rest of the album until the final song “Outro”.

Seriously. They love the slash.

In between the opener and closer is a wild fucking ride. Hard hitting songs like “Sunburnt Mess” and “Runaways” is reminiscent of old hardcore legends such as Black Flag and The Circle Jerks. Anthematic “Walk The Block” is the catchiest track on the entire album, a “going nowhere fast but still getting older” call to arms with one of the catchiest choruses I’ve heard in a while.

Cloak/Dagger find the perfect blend of melody on “We Are”, without sacrificing any of the hardcore bite. Definitely check out their modern take on old 80s hardcore, because it’s damn good.

Cloak/Dagger – Walk The Block
Cloak/Dagger – Sunburnt Mess

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