Lighten Up w/The Holy Mess (Live At The Fire 3/21/10)

Last evening, I headed out to Philly’s The Fire to catch one of my favorite hardcore bands around, Lighten Up. The show started a bit late (Was supposed to start at 6, started around 7:15) so I amused myself by walking around the neighborhood, talking to crazy drunk old dudes, and trying out some of the pizza joints. Finally, i heard some sound checking coming from within the bar, so I headed back in.

The Holy Mess:

The Holy Mess was up first, and jesus christ, did these guys love to hear themselves talk. They had about a 25 minute set or so, and only played a total of 5 songs. Luckily, those 5 songs were tight as hell, and reminded me a bit of Smoke Or Fire. The music was really solid, and they had a handful of people singing along.  Definitely a tight set.

Lighten Up:

The reason I came out to the show to begin with. Unfortunately, the majority of people never heard of them here (freaking hipsters), and so the show was the tamest Lighten Up show I’ve ever seen. Still, they played a kickass 12 minute set, and their new drummer rocked it as well. Hopefully we’ll be seeing more shows from these dudes.

Dolphins Are Sharks With Good Publicists
Born To Perspire
New Song
Invisible Checks
Reality World
Boyz II Wolves
Another New Song
Absolutely Not

I stuck around for a little longer to check out the Cheap Girls, but I wasn’t into them at all, and my patience was wearing thin since I’ve been at the venue for so long, so I left a few songs into the Cheap Girls.

Lighten Up! – Invisible Checks

Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Paint It Black – Amnesia (New EP!)
The Steal – Bright Grey
The Steal – Self Titled

Jump Start

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