Paint It Black w/Loved Ones, Lighten Up (Philly 3/25/10)

This past weekend, I headed out to an undisclosed location somewhere in the city of brotherly love to celebrate the coming of spring, and what better way of doing so than doing it with a secret hardcore punk show with Paint it Black.

I let my friend borrow my car, so I was reliant on public transportation to make the show, and so I wound up only catching the very last song by locals Cobra Lung (although knowing them, it was probably 1/5th of their set.) but I did make it in time for Lighten Up.

The place was fucking packed, and at some points, I definitely felt sick from how hot it was in there. I tried to take it (slightly) easy since I wasn’t really supposed to be doing much and been in physical therapy all morning before hand, but I lost my shit the second I got there.

Lighten Up:

Readers, you know the deal by now: Lighten Up is one of my favorite bands around (even made my top 10 of 2009 homie). When I saw them a week before at The Fire, they put on a damn good show, but the crowd wasn’t digging it at all. The house was much more their territory. They ripped through their 12 minute, Kid Dynamite/PIB influenced set with the crowd constantly moving, even through some of their new songs (which sound sick by the way).

Dolphins Are Sharks With Good Publicists
Born To Perspire
New Song
Invisible Checks
Reality World
Boyz II Wolves
Another New Song
Absolutely Not

Algernon Cadwallader:

Next up were Philly’s Algernon Cadwallader. Playing melodic slightly emo sounding music, I’m not the biggest fan of their tunes. They have a huge following though, and the crowd seemed to dig them though. Gave me a chance to head in the back and recover from Lighten Up’s set.

The Loved Ones:

Somehow, I managed to never check this band out. Nothing personal, I just never had the chance (or I’m a fucking slacker). Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised by the energy of their set and the music. People were diving off of the staircase, pits broke out the entire time, and it was an all around rowdy set. I can’t really say what songs they played since I’m not too familiar with them (note: this will change soon), but fans of The Bouncing Souls and Smoke Or Fire would dig this.

Paint it Black:

Paint it Black, it’s been way too long since you’ve played a Philly show. Nearly 6 months since their last show in Killadelphia, Paint it Black played one hell of a house show that night. The crowd went complete apeshit, with constant dives, mic grabs, etc that the house was in poor condition once everything was over.

After Andy gave a small speech, they urged us “don’t be careful”, broke into “So Much For Honor Among Thieves” and continued the frenzy for a good 36 minutes. I had to stop myself from stage diving on more than a few occasions (remember, trying to be smart) but I figured the pit was OK since technically, leaning on people is like using a crutch (right).

The best Paint it Black show I’ve been to in a while, possibly ever. If you guys are reading this, thanks for playing a house show, and I hope we get to see more smaller scaled shows like this from you.

So Much For Honor Among Thieves
Pink Slip
The Ledge
Four Deadly Venoms
Past Tense Future Perfect
Exit Wounds
Gravity Wins
Womb Envy
Shell Game Redux
We Will Not
Atticus Finch
Memorial Day

Lighten Up! – Invisible Checks
Paint It Black – Memorial Day

Lighten Up – Absolutely Not
Paint It Black – Amnesia


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