Deny Everything – Speaking Treason (for fans of Kid Dynamite, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Lifetime)

Looking at the name of the band, you’d probably think that Deny Everything is a complete throwback to old school hardcore, and you’d be partially right. Sure, the band is named after a Circle Jerks song, and their lyrics often reference old school hardcore: “we’ve got that attitude” / “let’s start today!” Musically however, they mix much more melody in their jams (holy alliteration!)

Musically, the band sounds a bit like New Mexican Disaster Squad and Lifetime, with some Static Radio NJ thrown in for good measure. Hard hitting songs such as title track “Speaking Treason” bring back memories of Kid Dynamite, while “Same Time Next Year” is incredibly Lifetime-esque.

Speaking Treason is a solid EP with the majority of the 7 songs ending under the 1:30 mark. Definitely check this one out.

Deny Everything – Speaking Treason

Over Stars and Gutters
Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship
Friends of Friends


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