Everyone Everywhere MP3 Tour (Exclusive Track!!!)

Today, we here at housewives have something special for all you dear readers. For those who don’t know, kickass band Everyone Everywhere and our friends over at their label Tiny Engines decided that they were going to release their upcoming Self Titled album on the information super highway (we need to bring this term back) by having an MP3 tour, and we are honored to be one of the blogs chosen.

Today we bring you the exclusive track “Tiny Boat” from Everyone Everywhere’s Self Titled, my personal favorite track from the album. I’d get into details about the upcoming album, but seriously, it’s on the internet FOR FREE, stop being such a lazy asshole and go listen.

Also, if you simply can’t wait for all the songs to be released or just want to support the band and label (so they can keep doing awesome shit like this), you can pre-order the vinyl here (comes with a digital copy) or buy the MP3s from the iTunes music store.

If you’re just starting out on this tour, be sure to head over to Dryvetyme Onlyne to grab yesterday’s song, and be sure to bookmark Deckfight so you can go grab Monday’s (4/26) track.

Everyone Everywhere – Tiny Boat

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