Sunday Had It In For Me (A Mix)

Hope you’ve had a kick ass weekend. Mine was pretty sweet up until about sunday. Unfortunately my hard drive crashed, losing a bunch of files and causing headaches all around (fortunately, I was able to save the majority of the important ones). I’ll try to make it not effect the site, but if there are periods without any updates, you know why.

Also, just because the day wanted to fuck with me, I received notice that my identity was stolen.
Turns out some douchebag financial service decided that all my personal information was not worth encrypting, and just leave it on a laptop. GREAT IDEA DUDERS!

Hey, but since we like to keep it posi here, why not have a mix about it?

Identity #1 – Saving Myself
The Steal – New Friend
Common Rider – Thief In A Sleeping Town
World Inferno Friendship Society – Let’s Steal Everything

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