Phobia – Cruel (for fans of Origin, Toxic Narcotic, Swallowing Shit)

Anytime somebody tells one of my friends that they listen to everything, she always responds back with “oh yeah? Everything? Do you like crust?” Probably being one of her only friends who actually DOES like crust (although I will admit, I don’t listen to everything…) I got to say, I’ve been listening to Phobia’s 2006 release “Cruel” quite a bit lately, because fucking hell it’s good.

Phobia’s Cruel is straight meditation music, specifically if when meditating you like to smash a brick in your face about 50 times (hey, it’s therapeutic, we don’t judge here.) The music itself is unrelenting crust grindcore that doesn’t let up for a minute.

If you dig this type of shit, this cream of the crop right here.

Fun fact: I thought I had my headphones in, but apparently I just played Phobia for my entire office, on full blast.

Phobia – Loud Proud and Punk as Fuck

Phobia – Means of Existence
Swallowing Shit
Disfear – Live The Storm
Toxic Narcotic


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