This Is Hardcore 2010 (Live In Philly 8/15/10) KID DYNAMITE

Words cannot express how stoked I have been over the past few months to know that I would finally get a chance to see Kid Dynamite. I’ve been waiting a long 8 years for this moment, and finally… at This Is Hardcore, I was going to see them. They were the only reason I went to the show (although I showed up earlier to catch a few of the other bands).


When I got there, Ruiner was a few songs in, but I got to see the majority of their set still. I’ve seen Baltimore’s Ruiner open for Strike Anywhere before, and was impressed with them, even though not overly familiar with the music. Again, they put on a solid set, which had a bunch of kids doing that dojo abomination more commonly known as hardcore dancing.

Regardless, they played some solid hardcore in the veins of Hope Conspiracy. Tight.

Hands Tied:

Old school youth crew hardcore! I have only one EP by these guys, so I’m not overly familiar, but they were really the only old school hardcore band I saw on the set. Hands Tied plays hardcore similar to other youth crew bands such as Youth of Today or Gorilla Biscuits. The crowd was relatively calmer for them, and it seemed like they were playing a bit sloppily. Still, always appreciate some old school hardcore on a set, and they said that this wasn’t a reunion show, but that they were reuniting completely.

At this point I left to go grab some food, and returned in time for Pulling Teeth’s set.

Pulling Teeth:
Thrashier hardcore, these guys put on an energetic set, albeit criticizing the other bands for not using their microphone to talk about anything important (before hand while I was at lunch apparently, there was a bro-core band talking about how important it was to work out every day and eat lot’s of chipotle).

Pulling Teeth were tight, but by this point, I was really itching to see Kid Dynamite. Probably will check out Pulling Teeth’s recorded stuff however.

Wisdom In Chains:

Pennsylvania’s bro-core heroes apparently. These guys actually put on a decent set, as I was pleasantly surprised at last year’s This Is Hardcore as well. Sure, all of the fans are your stereotypical hardcore bros, but I’m always surprised by how much straight up punk influences the band has in it’s songs… And “Fighting In The Streets” is just straight up tiiiiight.

Grey Area:


Holy shit! Surprise Grey Area set! Coming on stage saying “Well, we heard Kid Dynamite was playing this show, so we felt bad because, what’s a Kid Dynamite show without Grey Area opening?” Daaaamn straight, and I tried to stay on top of the crowd for a decent amount of their set. Unfortunately, they played a short set, but since Kid Dynamite was up next, it was hard to be pissed.

Take My Chances
Better Man
Before Me

Kid Dynamite:

At this point, I was so ridiculously nervous… I’ve been waiting years, thinking I would never see one of my favorite bands, I get chills just thinking about it… Yeah go ahead, make fun of me, but I was beyond stoked.

I can get into all the details of the show (frenzied, stage dives, pile ons, amazing), but I think you should just watch these videos instead:




two for flinching
heart a tact
living daylights
cheap shot youth anthem
table 19
news at 11
got a minute?
never met the gooch
ph decontrol
pits and poisoned apples
death and taxes
scary smurf
give em the ripped one

I feel kind of bad for Joe Hardcore, because after having Kid Dynamite play, there’s no way he’ll ever be able to top this year’s lineup.

Kid Dynamite – Heart A Tact
Kid Dynamite – Cheap Shot, Youth Anthem

This Is Hardcore 2009
Kid Dynamite, And The Art Of Moshing Everywhere

Jade Tree

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