Some Girls – The DNA Will Have It’s Say (For fans of Give Up The Ghost, Phobia, Yeah Yeah Yeahs)

Some days, you wake up and completely hate everything. When this happens, you need some brutal hardcore, and Some Girls fills that void. Although this California band broke up years ago, their 2nd EP “The DNA Will Have It’s Say” still often dominates my headphones.

Vocalist Wes (from Give Up The Ghost and Locust fame) is a madman on the microphone, and the music often flirts with grindcore (or more accurate, the music is grindcore and often flirts with hardcore).

Bringing in guest vocalist Karen from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (ummm… what?) for the title track, Some Girls is a band that no hardcore fan should overlook.

Some Girls – The DNA Will Have It’s Say
Phobia – Cruel
Give Up The Ghost – Year One


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