Swingin Utters, The Copyrights, Have Nots (Live In Philly 9/23/10)

Last night, I rushed out to the North Star Bar to catch a rather impressive lineup: Have Nots, The Copyrights, and then headlined by veterans The Swingin Utters. Fuck yeah.

Have Nots:

When the Have Nots took the stage, the room was feeling pretty empty, and there were originally only 4 or 5 people up front interested (myself included). That didn’t really effect the Boston band’s energy though, as they played their hearts out for us few, and eventually more people filled the room a few songs in… and no wonder, these guys are fucking tight.

Playing a decent chunk of newer songs that they just finished recording before the tour (stoked about the release, probably sometime in winter) mixed with some solid songs from their last year release. Their Operation Ivy-esque punk ska translates very well in a live setting, and I look forward to seeing them again. Chill dudes as well.

The Copyrights:

Seriously, how can anyone hate on The Copyrights? Playing pop-punk the way it was meant to play, these guys always put on a solid set. They kept the stage banter to a minimum, and just powerhoused through the majority of their songs. At one point, some dude who looked like Zach Galifianakis tried to start up a pit, mostly in vein… but you’ll have your moment later Zach.

Energetic punk rock that had a few in the crowd singing along, but it seemed like the majority had no idea who they were.

Swingin Utters:

As soon as the band took the stage, two things became very apparent. Firstly, Swingin Utters were the reason the majority of the people were there, and secondly, these guys were fucking veterans. The band took the stage with a commanding stage presence, and lead vocalist Johnny Peebucks antics alone showed were enough to entertain the crowd.

That whole lame no mosh rule the North Star Bar has? Fuck that. With a decent sized pit breaking out for the majority of the set (both to mine and Zach Galifianakis’ delight), the crowd remained frenzied, feeding off Peebucks energy. The man repeatedly punches himself, does robot walks, and other bizarre things that may almost rival Ross from Ceremony (almost).

Sound wise, the band was tight, and I was incredibly impressed how much they seemed to love to be on stage playing. Dudes seemed super nice without any rockstar attitudes either. At the end of the show, they took the opportunity to thank both Have Nots and Copyrights for letting them tour together.

Brand New Lungs
Untitled 21
Tell Me Lies
Nowhere Fast
Don’t Ask
Bent Collector
Petty Wage
Long Way
5 Lessons
Jackie Jab
Windspitting Punk
Time On My Own
15th and T
Sign It Away
Back To You
Kick It Over
Teen Gen
Forward To Fun
Next In Line

Dirty Sea
Swingin’ Utters – Sign it Away
The Copyrights – Over It
Have Nots – One In Four

Swingin’ Utters – A Juvenile Product of The Working Class
Have Nots – Serf City USA


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