The Hope Conspiracy – Cold Blue (For fans of Give Up The Ghost, Ten Yard Fight, Converge)

Take a step back to 2002, where there was a 17 year old strapping young lad (ahem, yours truly) was a young punk rocker in New Jersey. At this point, I listened to a variety of punk bands, but the only hardcore I listened to was older stuff such as Bad Brains, 7 Seconds, and Minor Threat. I yearned for something a bit heavier, but since this was NJ we were talking about (screamo capital of the freaking world), bands deemed hardcore by everyone was shit like Finch, From Autumn To Ashes, and Thrice… stuff I completely despise. Sure I liked old school hardcore, but sometimes you need something a little bit heavier and darker.

One day, I randomly stumbled across The Hope Conspiracy’s “Cold Blue”, and holy shit I was blown away. Heavy as fuck, dark and angry, the title “Cold Blue” aptly described the mood… this is what my angst ridden self was looking for. This was true modern hardcore.

The Hope Conspiracy’s “Cold Blue” is what turned me into a fan of recent hardcore, and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

The Hope Conspiracy – Liar’s Parade

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