Smoke or Fire – The Speakeasy (For fans of Hot Water Music, Static Radio NJ, None More Black)

I’m a little worried. Usually with Smoke or Fire, anytime they have an album, it’s always a grower for me, and then usually after feeling lukewarm about it for a few months, I come to completely love it and have it be one of my favorite albums (this is true for both “Above The City” and “What Separates Us All”).

With their latest November 9th release “The Speakeasy”, I fell in love with it on the first spin. Worried that it may have been a fluke, I listened to it again. Nope, still love it. These Boston turned Richmond Virginia punk rockers made one hell of an album, complete with the harmonies, intricate melodies, and gruff vocals we’ve grown to love from Smoke or Fire.

The Speakeasy is also the best flowing album by Smoke or Fire. While I love their previous releases, I would find myself skipping some of the slower acoustic songs, but on their latest effort, even the acoustic songs completely fucking rule (look no further than the political love song “Honey, I Was Right About The War”).

If you dig melodic punk rock, you definitely need to check this shit out. I can guaren-fucking-tee you this will be on my top 10 of the year.

Smoke or Fire – Monsters Among Us

Smoke or Fire Live
Smoke or Fire – Above The City
Smoke or Fire – This Sinking Ship

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