Youth Brigade w/ HandMe Downs and The Scandals (Live In NJ 11/13/10)

After a ridiculously crappy Saturday, I saw there was one saving grace left… and that was to head out to Asbury Lanes to catch punk rock legends, Youth Brigade. Let me say, thank (insert deity of your choice) I went.

The Scandals

First up was New Jersey locals The Scandals. These guys looked a bit younger, but completely fucking killed it. Playing straight up punk rock with roots from Rancid and early Bouncing Souls, The Scandals played an energetic set with a small but dedicated fan base singing along. Definitely need to check out some of their albums.

The HandMe Downs

Gritty Detroit punk rock that reminded me a bit of The Have Nots, the crowd wasn’t as into them as the last band. Shame, because I thought these guys were completely fucking awesome. Maybe it was the fact the band had so many technical difficulties (strings breaking, cymbal issues, etc), but they played through it with an energetic set, with the lead singer letting the crowd in the back (90% of the audience) know that “if you don’t come up to us, I’ll come to you fuckers”. The vocalist kept his promise, jumping into the back with the microphone and breaking the 4th wall. Fuck yeah.

Youth Brigade

It’s a rare show when I go and I like all the opening bands, especially when I haven’t ever heard of them, but I was pretty stoked to Youth Brigade at this point. They took the stage and blasted into “Old Man Bar”, and what an appropriate name, as the majority of the crowd still hung out in the back. Fine with me, gave me plenty of room to dance. Eventually, a few songs in, the crowd warmed up and had people dancing throughout.

Youth Brigade played a decently long set, and had the majority of songs I wanted to hear. The in between banter was pretty hilarious, with them taking lighthearted shots at Jersey, letting us know that the rest of the world sees us as that god-forsaken show “Jersey Shore”. At one point in the pit, I was accidentally hit square in the face, which resulted in instant nose bleed and black eye (I went back out in the pit, but I missed one of the encore songs due to tending my injuries).
Also random: Jack Terricloth of World Inferno Friendship Society showed, but to my disappointment, did not partake in the dancing….

Where Are All The Old Man Bar
It’s Not Like That Anymore
Spies For Life
You Don’t Know Shit
Fuck You!
What Are You Fighting For?
Punk Rock Mom
We’re In
One In Five
Believe In Something
Modest Proposal
All Right Then
Street Dominator
Let Them Know
Did You Wanna Die?
Fight To Unite
I Hate My Life
Sink With California

Men In Blue
2 others that I don’t remember

Youth Brigade – Sink With California

Youth Brigade – Sink With Kalifonija
Youth Brigade – To Sell The Truth


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