The Scandals – The Sound Of Your Stereo (For fans of Rancid, Have Nots, Bigwig)

About a month back, I went to go see Youth Brigade over at Asbury Park, and NJ locals The Scandals opened up for the California legends. I was so blown away by their performance that I just had to check out their recorded stuff.

Released in the summer of this past year (god, where did summer go?), “The Sound Of Your Stereo” is a 14 song punk rock blitz. Maybe it’s the fact the band is from New Jersey or that the first time I’ve seen them I was in Asbury Park, but for some reason, the album makes me really nostalgic for the days I would hit every skate park in NJ on weekends as a bored teen.

Fast, energetic, and gruff as hell, the band pulls influences from bands such as Rancid and mixes it with some a traditional NJ punk rock sound. They manage to play aggressive punk rock while remaining catchy as hell. Just listening to this shit makes me want to go out and skate right now….

I highly recommend this one, and I might just need to edit my top 10 now (thought I had it set… fuck).

The Scandals – Sirens

From The Sound Of Your Computer Speakers:
Youth Brigade w/ The Scandals
The Muggers
Have Nots

Skeleton Crew Records

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