The Top 11 Albums of 2010

Ahh yes, 2010 came and went, and it’s time to get ready for a new year of sweet releases, new bands, and general awesomeness. But first, here are my top 11 (that’s right… 11) favorite albums of 2010. Also, if you get a chance, head over to Punknews to check my buddy Tony’s top 10 of the year.

11. The Menzingers – Chamberlain Waits

Scranton, PA’s The Menzingers certainly made some waves this past 2010 with this release, as it received great reviews from listeners all across the punk spectrum. Melodic punk with some slight pop influences, these guys know how to write a damn catchy song.

MP3: The Menzingers – Home Outgrown

10. The Scandals – The Sound Of Your Stereo

Ok, this release completely took me by surprise. Never hearing of the band before seeing them open for Youth Brigade, New Jersey’s The Scandals released a gritty borderline skate punk rock album that’s both fast and raw. Fans of Rancid or The Have Nots will eat this shit up.

MP3: The Scandals – Sirens

9. Hold Tight! – Can’t Take This Away

Richmond, Virginia is known for a lot of it’s music scene (thrash, melodic hardcore) but who would have thought that a pop-punk album would be created here that completely blew me away? These guys play pop-punk right, taking their influences from bands such as Lifetime and early Saves the Day.

MP3: Hold Tight! – Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here

8. Holy Mess – Benefits Sesh 7″

So not technically an album, but the 7 inch is so damn good I had to put it up here. 3 songs of complete gritty punk rock bliss. Taking cues from Dillinger Four and Off With Their Heads, and blending it with their own east coast influences, these guys play some really tight beer soaked punk rock.

MP3: The Holy Mess – A Soulful Punk Tune About A Working Class Dreamer

7. OFF! – The First Four EPs
Take Black Flag era Keith Morris, put him in a box labeled “do not open until 2010” and you’ve got yourself OFF!. Old school hardcore legends showing us young fucks how it’s done.

6. Ceremony – Rohnert Park

Ceremony is one of the most prominent hardcore bands around today, and they certainly know how to keep their fans on their toes. Rohnert Park is a much more mid-tempo hardcore album (as opposed to the 50 second blasts we’ve come to expect from the band), yet it still manages to keep the aggression, just a much more focused aggression.

MP3: Ceremony – Into The Wayside Pt I / Sick

5. Banner Pilot – Resignation Day

Blah Blah Blah this is a re-issue, not a proper 2010 release. Fuck it. I’ve heard the re-issue is such an improvement over the original, I’m counting it. Melodic punk rock. Damn good.

MP3: Banner Pilot – Overwinter

4. None More Black – Icons

Easily one of the most anticipated albums of 2010, None More Black’s Icons delivers. The songs are much more developed, and have a bit more of an edge to them. While I personally think that the best songs are off their older albums, Icons is the best NMB album as far as a whole goes.

MP3: None More Black – Iron Mouth Act

3. Smoke Or Fire – The Speakeasy

While Smoke or Fire is one of my favorite bands, “The Speakeasy” is the first album of theirs that wasn’t a grower on me. Check it.

MP3: Smoke or Fire – Monsters Among Us

2. Bomb The Music Industry – Adults!!! Smart!!! Shithammered!!! And Excited By Nothing

One of the most DIY bands in punk today, their 7 song ska influenced EP had me pretty damn excited. BTMI keeps getting better with each release. Stoked to see what they have coming in 2011.

MP3: Bomb the Music Industry – The First Time I Met Sanawon

1. Off With Their Heads – In Desolation

I’m probably going to get shit for this one, but Off With Their Heads, even with their slightly poppier sound, made my favorite album of 2010. The songs are gritty as ever, just even more catchy. These guys are getting big, hopefully as they grow they continue to release amazing albums such as this.

MP3: Off With Their Heads – Drive

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