Strike Anywhere / One Win Choice Live In Philly (12/27/2010)

With the Sunday’s Home For The Holidays show postponed till Thursday, and having Strike Anywhere not being able to play it, I feel extremely lucky to have them come to Philly last night. After digging my car out of snow and battling the treacherous hills of my neighborhood, I made it to The Barbary in time to catch all the bands (which there were only 2, since one had to drop due to weather).

One Win Choice:

I am not too familiar with these guys besides their Define/Redefine EP, but after their set, I have nothing but the utmost respect for these Jersey dudes. Playing hardcore mixed with a bit of post-hardcore, the band was obviously stoked to be there. The crowd dug them and even though it seemed like most were unfamiliar with their music, the singer played ditched the stage and played on the floor the entire time.

Bonus points, these guys were going apeshit during the Strike Anywhere set, which is good to see people in a band still stoked about other bands.

Strike Anywhere:

I’ve loved these guys for a while now, and I still get ridiculously stoked every time I get to see them live, and when it’s an intimate atmosphere such as The Barbary, then I can barely control myself. Last time I saw them at the church, the crowd reaction was pretty sub par, but this time around, there was a dedicated group up front and we had the stage dives and pile-ons going in strong force.

The band played a high energy set playing a solid mix of older and newer songs, and the crowd was receptive to both. Thomas stopped between most songs to talk to the crowd a bit, which some complain kills the flow, but quite honestly, I find what he has to say interesting so it’s appreciated.

Bummer that they can’t play Home For The Holidays that they were originally scheduled for with the Bouncing Souls, but I’d much rather see them headlining at a small venue than opening at a big barricaded one.

I’m Your Opposite Number
My Design
Hand Of Glory
Notes On Pulling The Sky Down
The Crossing
‘Til Days Shall Be No More
Prisoner Echoes
To The World
Summer Punks
Sunset On 32nd Street

Unfortunately, the band didn’t play an encore due to time (I think…) even though I encouraged the crowd to not let them leave the stage. Oh well. Sick show, glad to have seen their last show of 2010.

Strike Anywhere – You’re Fired
One Win Choice – Failure To Quit

Strike Anywhere – Iron Front
One Win Choice – Define/Redefine EP


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