The HandMe Downs – I Think It’s About Time (For fans of Rancid, The Have Nots, Koffin Kats)

When I first saw Detroit’s HandMe Downs open for Youth Brigade a few months back, while the crowd was pretty unresponsive, they definitely made an impression on me. I figured I had to check out their recorded work, so I picked up a copy of their self released “I Think It’s About Time…”

The album features 12 gritty punk rock tunes that any fan of Rancid or the Koffin Kats would dig. The band mixes a few different sub genres of punk in their songs, with songs like “Skate Detroit” sounding a bit Operation Ivy-esque while “My Mind” is a much more anthematic sing a long.

Vocals are pissed and clear, plenty of lead guitar solos without the point of getting annoying, and the rhythm and bass keep the energy up throughout the album. While the album is solid, the songs translate even better live. This is circle pit music.

The HandMe Downs – The Corner

Have Nots

HandMe Downs

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