Cerebral Ballzy – Cerebral Ballzy (For fans of Black Flag, Minor Threat, Bones Brigade)

When you think about type of bands coming from Brooklyn, skate influenced hardcore probably isn’t exactly what comes to mind. However, Cerebral Ballzy is set out to change that. I’ve seen their energetic live shows a few times, but I just recently got to listen to their 2010 7 inch “You’re Idle”.

First of all, I’m usually not one for gimmicky packaging or whatnot, but the 7-inch came in stenciled grip tape, which is pretty fucking sweet. Cerebral Ballzy has a very 80s punk sound to it, bringing vibes of Black Flag on their four song EP. I believe the album is sold out, but if you find a used copy anywhere, definitely pick it up.

Cerebral Ballzy – Cerebral Ballzy

Dead Kennedys
Steve Versus The Volcano
Bones Brigade – Endless Bummer

Sold Out Homies

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