After The Fall – Eradication (For fans of Propagandhi, I-Spy, Strike Anywhere)

After The Fall has certainly outdone themselves this time. When I first heard their debut album “Fort Orange”, I was impressed with the raw, melodic aggressiveness of the music, but let me straight up say, “Eradication” completely blows out “Fort Orange” out of the water.

Their 2010 LP is a much more fine tuned sound, and they have mastered blending melodies with pure fucking anger. After The Fall is able to pull influences from bands such as Propagandhi and Strike Anywhere without sounding like a ripoff (although when I first put the album in, I didn’t look at the track listing and when a song came on, I was like “wow, this sounds EXACTLY like I-Spy… oh… it’s a cover”).

Definitely worth a spin if you dig the melodic, thrashier punk rock.

After The Fall – Ruins

After The Fall – Fort Orange
Propagandhi – Supporting Caste
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Mightier Than The Sword

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