Coke Bust, Cop Problem Live In Philly (2/13/11)

What’s the best treatment for a sinus infection? Going to a smoke-filled basement to go see some hardcore bands god damn it! This past Sunday, I headed out to a specific house somewhere within the bowels of Philly to catch a bunch of bands I’ve never actually listened to before hand, but figured it would be a blast. There were about 5-6 bands on the bill, but only 2 and a half got to play… Bummer.


Described as “drugged-out sludge from non-junkies” these guys played brutal grindcore, consisting of dual duder/dudette vocalists, a guitarist, and a drummer. The guy’s vocals reminded me a bit of Phobia, and the girl’s vocals were pretty brutal as well. The music was a bit sludgier than I usually like, but I was digging the fast parts. Solid set.

Cop Problem:

Fucking damn it, why did their set have to get cut short? They were completely brutal, and their drummer was sick. Playing hardcore crust dbeat, the vocalist’s voice was straight up awesome. She knew how to scream for sure. Unfortunately, and at the risk of being the 100th person to make this joke, we had a bit of a cop problem at the show, and they ended their set early, allowing only Coke Bust to play.

Coke Bust:

I was tempted to leave at this point since I was bummed about the cops shutting it down, but I stuck around for Coke Bust, and thank god I did. Washington DC straightedge, it was an interesting mix of people in the crowd. You had your hardcore straight-edgers mixed with people downing their PBRs and their 40s… this is what punk is all about.

Coke Bust plays sped up hardcore, and I definitely was won over as a fan on Sunday night. Most of their songs barely made the 60 second mark, and things got pretty wild down in the basement (at one point, I thought a friend of mine was going to pull out the plumbing as he crowd surfed in the just above 6 ft tall ceilings).

The band seemed a bit preachy about straight edge (now, technically I am straight edge, but I have nothing against people who do it), but that didn’t seem to bother the fans with the 40s. I would definitely recommend checking these guys out, pure brutal live show.

Coke Bust – No One To Impress

Phobia – Cruel
Disfear – Live The Storm

Coke Bust

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