Grey Area / Go Rydell Split 7″ (For fans of Kid Dynamite, Strike Anywhere, Higher Giant)

Holy shit. A split between Grey Area and Go Rydell? Pinch me, I’m dreaming. It’s been nearly 11 years since Grey Area released any new materials (seriously, think of where you were 11 years ago), and having Go Rydell on the split is an added bonus.

The NYC melodic hardcore veterans contribute 2 songs, and both are fucking stellar. Grey Area obviously haven’t missed a single beat in their songwriting, and these two songs sound like they could have come off their first album.

Go Rydell puts in 3 songs, and I’m pretty sure there couldn’t have been a better choice of a band for a split with Grey Area. Since these dudes pretty much take almost all their influences from Kid Dynamite, they’re perfect for the split. All of Go Rydell’s songs are fast, heavy, and full of melody.

Get this. It rules.

Grey Area – No Guarantees

Go Rydell – Golden Age
Full Kid Dynamite Set (2010)

Black Numbers

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