Go Rydell, Hold Tight, This Is Your Life (Live In Philly 3/11/11)

Last night, I headed to a basement show to catch a stellar line-up: Go Rydell, Hold Tight!, This Is Your Life, and Reservoirs. I didn’t really catch the headlining two piece Omar, but they sounded pretty tight from what I’ve heard.

After wandering in the rain for a while trying to find the house, I walked into the place and went straight down into the tiny basement. There were maybe a total of 30 kids there (and it felt packed)… fuck yeah.


I never heard of these dudes before, but they made it to the show with broken windshield wipers in the pouring rain, so props for that. They played a mix of catchy punk rock with touches of post-hardcore and some more emo riffs. Not usually my thing to listen to, but they played a tight set.
This Is Your Life:

I’ve caught these Richmond dudes last time they came around and I dig their Self Titled 7″, so I was pretty excited about seeing them again. They played their mix of passionate hardcore and more technical riffs, sounding a bit between A Wilhelm Scream and Comeback Kid. The band threw me and the rest of the crowd a bit of a curve-ball with their cover of The Ataris “San Dimas HS Football Rules”, which I will unashamedly admit was ridiculously excited for and sang along to each word. Felt like I was high school again.

I don’t remember too many of the songs they played, but they did play Perseverance and A Well Needed Cleanse.

Hold Tight!:

Last year I Hold Tight’s album “Can’t Take This Away” as one of my favorite releases last year, so I was really stoked to be seeing them again. It’s rare for a band to play such solid, feel good pop-punk while keeping the punk elements. Hold Tight played a tight set, and played the majority off of their release, with a few new songs sprinkled in (which were fucking tight, and heavier by the way…)

Fun fact: Apparently I went to college with one of the dudes in the band… small world.

Songs That I Remember (Out of order and incomplete)
-Virginia is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here
-Our Pets Heads Keep Falling Off
-Can’t Take This Away
-Pull The Trigger
-This Is My House, I Have To Defend It
-Kill Cops

Go Rydell:

These Orlando punks have been getting a decent amount of press lately, and rightfully so. With their debut “Golden Age” and their highly anticipated split with Grey Area coming out soon, their Kid Dynamite influenced hardcore sound translated really well live.

They also put on a really energetic live show for the space they were in, and at one point, I’m pretty sure the singer broke / sprained his hand… They threw in some Lifetime covers as well, with the highlight being Turnpike Gates. Definitely need to check these dudes out again next time they come around.

I’m blanking for some reason on what they played (NOT 1955 though… bastards), but I remember a few songs off the split, MTA, and The Golden Age.

Go Rydell – Golden Age
Hold Tight! – Virginia Is Beautiful, Wish You Were Here
This Is Your Life – A Well Needed Cleanse

Grey Area / Go Rydell Split
Go Rydell – Golden Age
Hold Tight! – Can’t Take This Away
This Is Your Life 7″


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